Our Goals







1.            To positively impact the lives of 30.000 WA youth by 2023, evidenced within collated                         empirical data. 



2.           To complete the consultation, planning, co-creation and construction of the new state                     wide mental health initiative, 'The Treasure Trail  of Western Australia' by Dec 2022. 

3.          Our goal within our 'Mind TREASURE' Program is to produce the opportunity and                             conditions for cell shifting 'light bulb moments'  in youth persons interrupting their                         life trajectory and paving a new path that is aligned with a strong sense of self                                   awareness, greater self acceptance and self belief, leading to inspired purpose filled lives. 

4.         To bridge the gap of youth unemployment by connecting and building relationships with               young persons and leaders in creative  industries proving opportunities for  work                               experience opportunities,  internships which open the possibilities for meaningful                             employment.

5.        To officially open and launch the 'Treasure Forrest Eco-Tree-house Retreat' by 2033.