Volunteering Role Descriptions

To help you choose which role you might be interested in and to understand the run-down of each volunteer position, please read the position descriptions below.

There’s something for everyone with roles such as the make-up artistry team, food n’ beverage crew, registrations team, from hair braiders, to games team, set-up team, youth engagement and supervisor roles as well.

More detailed information will be provided at the info & briefing session on the 19th of Jan and on the morning of the event which you'll learn more about  once you’ve been allocated your role(s). Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us at:   mindtreasure2020@gmail.com

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Registrations Team

Note: This is a pre-event role.

You are engaging and an excellent communicator. The most powerful force contributing from behind the scenes, the Registrations Team have the most critical role of signing youth up to our event!

You are a super friendly, engaging and comfortable with technology as you assist young people sign up to the event via your mobile phone or tablet. 

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Volunteer Concierge Team

You’re administration royalty! Cool under pressure and with the warmest of welcomes , you enjoy dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’. As (one of Volunteer Concierge Team members responsible for registering some 60+ wonderful volunteers on arrival at site you’ll be directing each to their relevant supervisor. Thanks to you, each zone is swiftly and appropriately crewed and the event kicks off without a hitch.

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Make-up Team

You love to express your creativity with makeup and body paint and to share this with the young guests arriving. You enjoy the challenge of painting awesome gold scar tattoos on faces, shoulders, arms and hands (ensure you get consent from the young person first!) There’s no stopping your creative flair with gold colour pigment, gold foil, gold glitter and shading tones to create depth for effective your word to look effective and bold in photos.  You find the energy of the event gives you a buzz and have loads of fun expressing your artistic skills.

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Environmental Gems

A lover of the earth, people, the outdoors and conscientiously contributing from behind the scenes, the Environmental Gems have an essential role of maintaining a neat, tidy, rubbish- and hazard-free environment, enabling all young guests and volunteers to enjoy themselves safely.

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Games Supervisor

The sporty, “up and at ‘em” Games Team comprises a team of 8 energetic and enthusiastic kids-at-heart, who’ll ensure the utmost pleasure of our most special guests: the youth. Experienced working with youth yourself, the Games Team Supervisor will ensure both user entertainment and safety, as our young guests eagerly engage the services of your team.


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 Transport Crew

Note: This is a pre-event role

You'll will play a vital role in ensuring all equipment and event items are delivered on the site the day prior to the event - You are the behind the scenes 'glue that brings it all together'. You will be given a list of provider names, the item and locations from where to collect items. You will be reimbursed for fuel money.

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Welcome Supervisor 

Experienced in events, hospitality or customer service leadership, you’re a multi-skilling masterpiece with a warm, welcoming and supportive nature. 


You’ll oversee a Guest Welcome Team (of 4), who’ll be registering some 300 guests across 2 days on arrival and into the care of the Makeup Team. In addition, you will oversee three Environmental Gems as they keep the venue tidy throughout the day.

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Food & Beverage Supervisor

As the food & beverage supervisor,  You’ll be the cool as a cucumber as you supportively steer your team through the successful distribution of the the Subway lunch, ensuring dietary requirements are taken into account and food is correctly allocated to our guests. You'll also manage the distribution of the Icy Poles.  You’ll oversee the team unload, sort and distribute lunch packages and snacks. Your attention to detail, love of people and relevant experience will guarantee success for all!

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Photography Team

A picture tells a thousand words and you simply love to capture the story through your lens! Your job will be busy, snapping and filming the speakers, work being done in creative skill building workshops,  along with capturing the smiling faces and testimonials of volunteers and guests. Your passion will be to freeze-frame the inspiration, emotion, connection and creativity of the day, as that is the true essence of ‘Mind-Treasure 2020’...

 You must be comfortable on foot, in crowds & interacting with people.

# of Positions

2 +


Games Team

The sporty, “up and at ‘em” Games Team comprises a team of 5 fun & engaging youth workers, who’ll work to ensure the utmost pleasure of our young guests –  Games & Activities includes a range of outdoor games such as giant jenga, giant connect 4, giant chess and other activities on offer throughout the day such as henna tattooing and hair braiding.

# of Positions

5 - 6 


Set-up Team

This is a pre-event role

You're an eager 'hit the ground running kind of person'! It will be all hands on deck, working in a team of 6, maintaining the exciting spirit, to get the job done!


Full of enthusiasm, you’ll be doing a range of physical duties including sorting, packing, moving furniture so everything is in place the day before the event.

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Welcome Guests Team

A beam of sunshine! A lover of people, diversity and crowds, with a friendly and agreeable nature. You’re superbly placed for greeting guests as they arrive, ensuring everyone feels welcome and at ease, then directing them into the care of a friendly Make-up artist. This role also assists with collecting important info for future improvements. You love to remind the young people to take photos and hashtag: 


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Food & Beverage Crew

You prefer making people’s day from behind the scenes, working in a tight-knit team to ensure all mouths are fed and watered. In the Food & Beverage Crew, you’ll be in a dynamic environment as you
unpack and sort snacks into lunch bags and distribute with the Subway lunch to the youth. Without you, the show could
not go on.

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Hair-Brading Team

Your job will be transforming the look of attendees and making them feel indulged, ultra hip and out of this world treasured! Your passion will be to create the coolest hairstyles and meet the desired look of the unique individual sitting in front of you.  Creativity, Courage and Care is the true essence of ‘Mind-Treasure 2020’. You must be comfortable working under pressure, being in crowds & have fun interacting with young people.

# of Positions

4 - 5


Pack-up Team

You’re such a Treasure! when the event is over, you are there to help pack up to ensure we leave City Farm exactly as we found it! It will be all hands on deck, working in a team of 6, maintaining the exciting spirit, to get the job done! Full of enthusiasm, you’ll be doing a range of physical duties including sorting, packing, moving furniture, loading, rounding-up bins for collection & dismantling/packing away signs, boards, workshop equipment and left over resources.

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