Treasure Forrest Skillbuilding Retreat
 Cell-changing Transformation

An intensive and transformative recovery focused Treehouse retreat, typically run during the school holidays for WA youth ages 15-24. The retreat is tailored towards maximizing self awareness and mental health at its core through the vehicle of 

mindfulness, meditation and Occupation.


Young people will gain skills in gardening and sustainability,  woodwork, construction and carpentry and more. 




Recovery oriented mental health services are the way forward in effective rehabilitation for consumers. A movement away from the medical model in which medication treats symptoms of an underlying cause or trauma is now understood to be largely insufficient in terms of truly effective treatment.

A new vision of hope, seeing unique challenging experiences as something to accept and embrace without judgment rather than trying to suppress or eradicate symptoms is a useful paradigm shift. Mental health consumers are the experts of their own experience and have a lot to teach the world about their unique perspective.

This project is the beginning developments of an early intervention, skills based program offered to teenagers and young adults experiencing mental health challenges to develop increased coping strategies, foster and promote strengths, and encourage development of ones authentic self, paving the way towards self actualization and empowerment.

The Treasure Forrest Tree-house Retreat is to be established on property in a scenic area in the South West region of Western Australia, with access to cycle paths and local community facilities. 


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