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Mind-Treasure  2020'


Treasured Youth Co's creative, youth mental health Inaugural Event - Mind-Treasure 2020

WA youth joined top inspirational leaders and speakers with a lived experience of significant hardship and learned how they overcame and triumphed every challenge. Treasured Youth Co was very grateful to have speakers such as  Julian Pace from the Happiness Co, Matt Vapor from Beneath the Surface,  young  talented indigenous artist Kobi Morrsion, Gary May from DKM and  also Kai Lovel who is now hosting the first TED-x Youth  event in Perth.  We also thank Sandra Hoffman and Katrin from Laughter Skills who lit up the stage with the laughter yoga as well as the incredible CCCSF Theatrical Response Group for the value they added to Mind-Treasure 2020. 

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Monthly Meetups
Connect, share, learn & Create 

Join us for our monthly meetups for outdoor movies under the stars, thought provoking book club for those looking to be the leaders of tomorrow, pop up workshops and gourmet wood-fired pizzas (the healthy kind!). We love our Kombutcha too! Ditch the booze and come for some sparkling drinks designed to  make you feel lighter, healthier and feel your best self! 


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Treasure Forrest Skillbuilding Retreat
 Cell-changing Transformation

An intensive and Transformative (cell-changing) skill building recovery focused mental wellness retreat, typically run of the school holidays for 15-24 years old. The retreat is tailored for the creative elite, students that love anything creative and want to be part of purposeful projects. We also have a focus and mental health and have various workshops focused on anxiety management, dealing with depression, stress management and mindfulness/meditation daily

(7am each morning). This retreat is not for the faint hearted, if you are committed to making a positive change in your life enquire here: 

Spaces are limited.